Shares in Vin de Bosses

Vin de Bosses is the name for a group of people, physical or legal, who, using their own vines, produce quality AOP (formerly known as AOC)
Costières de Nïmes wines. The group has the ambition to develop a commercial brand but also to personalize the bottles of each member of
the group with his/hers own label.

The concept is governed in two parts :

1. The owner of the vines (BS).
2. The owner of the terrain, the company (FB).

The company that owns the land (FB) is represented by Yvon Gentes, designer of the project and living at the Domaine de Calet, South of the
Rhone Valley. The Domaine de Calet produces high quality wines with an international reputation and sales worldwide. For more information,
please visit the site :


The vines are bought by BS from FB, who then becomes the proprietor of the plants. Each share or vine row represents 200 plants of vines.
A physical or moral person may buy up to 10 shares/vine rows (maximum). A title of propriety will be provided to BS as soon as total
payment has been made. The possibility of registering the title can be offered to those who wish, subject to an additional charge decided
by the Notary.

The value of each share will be reevaluated every year, depending on the price values of land. The price will be adjudicated upon in the board
meeting of FB and the organization of the vine owners. Each BS will have the possibility to sell his/her share/shares after 3 years of
ownership. FS has priority for any sales. If no member of the group of BS is interested in buying the share/shares for sale, the seller may,
after agreement with FS, propose the sale to someone outside of the group.

Each BS is responsible for his plants and the wine produced from them. In partnership with FB, each member of BS is responsible for the
upkeep of the vines and the winemaking. FB will be responsible of the harvesting of the grapes from the vines of BS, or even his own vines
if necessary, so to guarantee red wines of high quality. The value of the wine comparable to the Vin de Bosses wine is the Grand Mas,
actually sold on the estate for 9€ per bottle.

Each share (vine) gives the right to 300 bottles of wine per year. Notwithstanding certain meteorological conditions such as a Natural disaster
or hail, this may affect the performance of the vine. In such cases the insurance will compensate BS. 300 bottles per year represents a yield
of 45hl/ha. BS has the right to his/her own back label in black and white, which has to be consistent with the design of the main label.
BS has the possibility to exchange up to 60 bottles of red wine for White or Rosé wine from the Domaine de Calet. The cost of production per
bottle is given with the partnership contract.

BS has the right of observation over the actions of FB via the representative of the group.
BS has the possibility in participating in each stage of the winemaking process.