Vin de Bosses — Your wine

This is an invitation to become an owner of your own vine. To be part of a wine project - part of a dream.
In Beauvoisin, a village south of the Rhone Valley, a new wine of quality, Vin des Bosses, has been created.

The microclimate of the southern Rhone Valley offers ideal conditions for vine growing.
Some of the best wines in the world can be found in this region.
As an owner of a vine, you may, if you wish, participate in the different stages of the production of your wine :
the pruning, the maintenance of the plants, the stripping and finally the harvest.

And so, each autumn, you can collect your 300 bottles of wine, from your own production.
The price of each bottle is extremely competitive (see contract), and can be compared to the wines of the estate,
which for a similar quality are sold between 9 and 15€ per bottle.